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Do you want to purchase a bicycle soon, or are you struggling to find the ultimate one? Worry no more and read more to find out: as you do so keep in mind your style and your personal needs. This is because bicycles have many uses that go beyond recreation. If you are new to cycling and plan on starting to ride one soon, it would be an excellent idea to train yourself before buying it. The same applies to anyone who used to ride bicycles but put it to a halt. You need practise; it would not hurt anyway. The points that follow show some of the most common types of bikes.

BMX Bikes

These bikes gained popularity in 1982 after the movie; E.T was produced, and ever since then, most if not all kids want to own one. They are currently used by experienced bikers to do tricks; this is because they are versatile, not to mention very strong. If you want a fast bike, then a BMX bicycle is not for you since it is slow. The reason behind that is because they have both small tyres and frame. However, they are very convenient for short distances; you will undoubtedly enjoy going for rides on it.

Hybrid Bikes

If you are looking for a bicycle that you will be using daily, then this is it. It is a hybrid between the mountain bike, and the standard road bike hence explains its name. Hybrid bikes are very comfortable because they have upright handlebars and large padded seats: that is why you can ride them regularly. Commuting on them to work will save you a lot of time and money too. Their tyres are huge, therefore enhancing speed; they are 700C. If you want to estimate the size of their tyres, you can since they are somewhere between those of a mountain and a road bike. With this bike, you do not have to worry about bad roads since they can manoeuvre even through potholes. It is good to note that they are, however, unsuitable for rugged terrain. In case of any city emergencies, they have a fantastic halting power since they have cantilever brakes or disk brakes. When you are buying a hybrid bike, it would be best to go for one with mudguards and lights; not all of them come with these pre-installed features.

Touring Bikes

Riding bikes to some is usually therapeutic; thus, some people go for bicycles such as the one being discussed because they can go riding for miles. Touring bikes can be used by athletes who go for international long-distance riding as well as tourism. They come with mounting bolts that can support your possessions if you want to pack up and go camping. The previous point is made possible by the fact that they have wide tyres measuring 32mm. The older versions had and still have standard cantilever brakes, whereas the modern ones use disk brakes. They are also very durable since they are made of steel. Besides that, they are very easy to repair; hence, nothing will stop you from going on long expeditions. These bikes are very suitable for cyclists who love adventures because they can go anywhere with them.

Road Bikes

They are light bikes with thin drop handlebars and tyres 700C, which usually range from 23mm or 25mm wide. Some are very costly since they have frames made from carbon fibre composite, a durable and light material. Some frames can be made with aluminium and titanium materials, which also have their advantages and disadvantages. For braking purposes, they usually have standard linear brakes which act on the rims. They have a shape that decreases the drag from air moving past them, and as a result, they have a low riding position. Forget the myths that you hear about road bikes, for example, that they are not usually comfortable. They can be uncomfortable if they are not well set up hence ensure that it is set up correctly after you have purchased it. It is good to note that they are usually made from the best high-quality components and experimented on before they are brought to the market.

Mountain Bikes

If you live in an area that has rough terrains, then this bike is right for you. They all have flat and wide handlebars, and their tyres are fat and wide. Since they are fit for climbing, they have a very low gear range and also have suspensions and disk brakes as alternatives. Mountain bikes come in variety: each with a different purpose; hence, you have a lot to choose from. Their wheels also come in different sizes, which include 26”, 29er’ and 27.5. It is best to buy one with the biggest tyres since they move very fast and are better. The smaller sizes manoeuvre better, but they are slower. A good number of mountain bikes have aluminium frames since they make them equally strong and light; besides that, it makes production cheap. The rest that is made with steel are usually durable and but heavier. Hence while choosing, you have to think critically about what you want for yourself; it is your call. Mountain bikes are the ones you are likely going to see as you stroll around since they are very affordable and can be used for regular cycling.

Folding Bikes

The interest in these bikes has been revived today since they are modern and trendy, especially in big cities. They are usually very easy to store and transport as suggested by their name. If you live in an area where commuting requires you to use either a train or a bus, you should consider buying a folding bike. It is important to note that they are not fast in case you want a fast-moving bike.

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The above points show some of the most common bicycles that you can choose from if you want to either upgrade or purchase a new one. If you want a fantastic bike, ensure that you also have a deep pocket to land yourself a durable bike. No one wants to buy a bike that will not serve them for an extended period anyway.